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November 8, 2021
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The Cost of Waiting

The 2021 housing market is one that will go down in the history books. Over the past year, we’ve seen the rates continue to drop to some of the lowest levels in history. And while those rates have seemed to bottom in the last few months, the window of opportunity for both refinance and purchase loans isn’t quite over yet.

If you’re worried you could have missed out, rest assured today’s mortgage rates are still worth taking advantage of.

Even today, mortgage rates are below what they’ve been in decades. So, while you may not be able to lock in the rate your friend got recently, you’re still in a great position to secure a rate well below what you currently have. The key will be acting sooner rather than later.

According to experts throughout the industry, mortgage rates are projected to continue rising throughout the months ahead. Most experts agree we will see a trend upward over the next 4 quarters, with a predicted increase of about .5%.

Although a projected .5% point increase may not seem substantial, it does have a sizable impact on the monthly payment amount. And if you’re looking to purchase, it can also mean a reduction in the amount you are prequalified for. The chart above shows how it works.

In this example on a $500,000 loan, you’d pay an extra $137/ month on your mortgage payment this time next year if rates rise from 2.99% to 3.49%.

Clearly, today’s mortgage rates are worth taking advantage of before they climb further. The rates we’re seeing right now give you a unique opportunity to afford more home for your money while keeping your monthly payment down.

Bottom Line

Waiting for a lower mortgage rate could cost you. Experts project rates will continue to rise in the months ahead. So, if you’ve been thinking about refinancing to a lower rate, taking cash out for a project, or purchasing a new home: now is the time to seize the opportunity.

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