Most borrowers need these

Commonly Required Documents

Income documents -
- Last two paystubs, to cover one month’s earnings
- Last two years of W2 forms
- Last two years federal tax returns

Asset Documents -
- Last two months of bank statements. If there are single deposits larger than half your monthly income, then we also need a letter explaining what the deposit was and copy of the deposit receipts

Other -
- Photo ID
- Homeowners insurance
- Current mortgage statement
Common additional documents (if applicable) -
- Lease agreement if subject property is a rental
- Original equity line agreement if you are keeping your equity line
- Homeowners insurance for all properties owned
- HOA bills for all applicable properties owned
- Partnership or corporate tax return if you own more than 25% of a business. If less than 25% ownership, only K1’s are needed
- Letter of explanation of any credit pulls in the last four months
- Letter of explanation for purpose of cash out if you are refinancing with money back
- If self-employed and filing a schedule C, proof of existence of business, such as business license or letter from CPA
- Divorce decree if obligated to pay child or spousal support
- Social Security awards letter
- Solar panel agreement
Additional documents may apply for specific situations.

PRO TIP: When providing your documents please provide ALL pages of statements and tax returns, even if the page is blank. For example if your bank statement says six pages please provide all six even if the last page is blank. Same for tax returns, in addition the first two pages also provide all schedules and statements.