Meet Tina

As a California native, I love living the lifestyle of this great state, and relish the diversity of the Bay Area as a whole -
I was born and raised in Southern California, and worked my way north to the spectacular campus of U.C. Santa Barbara. After graduation, I continued my journey northward, landing in San Francisco at the accounting firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young).

A short time later, I was recruited into the bustling mortgage industry and instantly found my passion. I’ve spent the last 15 years learning every aspect and nuance of the ever-changing mortgage world, which has helped me establish myself as a respected industry leader.

When I’m not keeping up with underwriting guidelines and interest rates, I enjoy playing golf with my husband (I usually win), walking my Pomapoo dog named Avalanche, and spending time with my fun-loving family.

Biggest Fear:
Mountain lions (Irrational, I know. But keep your head on a swivel while hiking).

Best Quiz Category:
50’s bubble gum pop lyrics (thanks Mom and Dad for those long car rides!)

Most Trusted Golf Club:
Putter (I may not be able to drive for show, but I certainly putt for dough).

Favorite Seasonal Beverage:
Eggnog (leaded OR unleaded)

First Job:
Mrs. Fields (Debbi Fields is real and smells like snickerdoodles).